What is the architecture in Peru?

However, along the foundations of many buildings, their Incan heritage is clearly visible. Hallmarks of Spanish colonial architecture in Peru are a base of perfectly fitted Incan stones, European-style white stucco walls, baroque stonework around doors and windows, and intricately carved wooden balconies.

What is the most famous work of architecture in modern Peru?

Machu Picchu is a worldwide known example of ancient Peruvian architecture.

What are the houses made out of in Peru?

In larger cities, modern homes and building materials such as concrete, wood, steel and glass are available to families who can afford to build or buy. Families in rural areas live in more traditional homes made from available materials. In the Andes, most homes are of stone.

What type of art does Peru have?

Peruvian art is often viewed through the lens of Spain’s influence, in two stages. First, the native handicrafts–woven, intricate designs, and elaborately sculpted ceramics–the true art forms of the Andes.

Why are there no roofs in Machu Picchu?

As in other Inca cities, Machu Picchu followed the religious architectural pattern of truncated pyramid construction. Buildings contained rectangular rooms with irregular sized walls, their roof was made of wooden logs and covered with straw. Today, due to the passage of time, the buildings do not have a roof any more.

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