What sharks are in Argentina?

The Argentine angelshark is a flat shark. Its body is a dark to purplish brown color with small, round white spots symmetrically distributed across the entire dorsal surface. The dorsal surface is also densely covered with dermal denticles, which are small teeth-like scales.

Are there sharks in Argentina?

In Argentina, despite many species showing strong evidences of decline they are heavily fished (e.g. tope, sand-tiger, copper and angel sharks, and some skates species).

Are there great white sharks in Argentina?

The great white shark is a cosmopolitan temperate marine species which is rare in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil today. Several publications include the white shark as inhabiting Patagonian waters.

Are there sharks in Patagonia?

Few species of sharks and rays are known from Patagonia and in Chile the number of species of sharks and rays declines sharply south of Puerto Montt. Two species of Chilean rays are concentrated south of Puerto Montt: the graytail skate and the Magellan skate.

Are there great white sharks in Chile?

Villafaña says at present the occurrence of the great white shark is uncommon off the Chilean and Peruvian coastline. But fossil evidence shows that these sharks were very abundant in the past. “The Pliocene is characterized by a reduction in global temperature.

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Are there great whites in South America?

For instance, although white sharks appear to be exceptionally rare in South American waters, archeological and historical evidence suggest resident populations may have been extirpated by intense fishing (Cione and Barla, 2008; Amorim et al., 2017) .

What sharks are found in Chile?

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Scientific name Common name Family
Isurus oxyrinchus Shortfin Mako Shark Lamnidae
Pluvialis squatarola Grey Plover Charadriidae
Diomedea antipodensis Antipodean Albatross Diomedeidae
Cetorhinus maximus Basking Shark, (Traditionally Sunfish Or Sailfish, Hoe Mother) Cetorhinidae

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