Where is the coast of Brazil?

The Brazilian coast with its 8000 kms (5000 mls) reaches from north of the equator to the far south, the border to Argentina. A big part is in the tropic regions, the southeast is sub-tropical (with Rio and Sao Paulo) and further in the south the climate is about as in the mediterrean.

What is the coastal area of Brazil?

Geography of Brazil

Continent South America
Area Ranked 5th
• Total 8,514,877 km2 (3,287,612 sq mi)
• Land 99.34%
• Water 0.66%

Does Brazil have a Pacific coast?

Brazil has a coastline along the Pacific Ocean.

What is Brazil’s climate?

Brazil has a tropical climate and pocket of arid climate (the Caatinga). Source: Met Office. Page 4. Rio de Janeiro: – Has a tropical savannah climate. – The average minimum temperature is 21 degrees Celsius and the average maximum is 27 degrees Celsius.

What 2 countries are not next to an ocean?

Landlocked Countries

  • A landlocked country is a country that has no direct access to the ocean. …
  • The Vatican and San Marino are landlocked countries surrounded by Italy. …
  • Lesotho is completely surrounded by the country of South Africa.
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