Which 2 states region in Brazil are the least urbanized *?

Answer: Para, Maranhao and piaui (northern region) are the least urbanized states in Brazil.

Which state region is the least urbanized?

Which state region are the least urbanised​

  • Answer:Himachal Pradesh.
  • Total Population.
  • Himachal Pradesh is the least urbanized State/Union Territory, followed by Bihar in both 2001 and 2011 and therefore ran 35 and 34 respectively in both 2001 and 2011.
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Which 2 states region in Brazil are the most urbanized?


  • São Paulo 44,035,304 41,262,199 37,032,403 Argentina 21.71%
  • Minas Gerais 20,734,097 19,597,330 17,891,494 Sri Lanka 10.23%
  • Rio de Janeiro 16,461,173 15,989,929 14,391,282 Netherlands 8.118%
  • Bahia 15,126,371 14,016,906 13,070,250 Burkina Faso 7.460%

Which state has a list of urbanization in Brazil?

Parana. Explanation: Urbanisation simply means the growth of towns and the mass rural urban migration into developed centers.

Which factor attract more tourists in Brazil?

The Amazon River basin and the impenetrable forests, widespread beaches and bays in the coast, attractive islands and the innumerable species of flora and fauna makes Brazil an attractive tourist destination. Many places are tagged by the UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

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