Why do they roller skate to church in Venezuela?

Skating to mass became so popular that the government took to closing streets until 8am so that families could skate together in safety. … When mass is finished, families convene in the street and each others’ houses to share food, play music and dance.

Do people roller skate to church in Venezuela?

In Caracas, Venezuela, the streets are closed off before 8am on the week before Christmas to allow people to roller-skate to mass. As they go, skaters tug on the end of long pieces of string tied by children to their big toes and dangles out of the window.

What do children in Caracas do before falling asleep from December 16 24?

Venezuelans attend a daily early morning church service between December 16th and 24th called Misa de Aguinaldo (“Early Morning Mass.”) In Caracas, the capital city, it is customary to roller-skate to this service and many neighborhoods close the streets to cars until 8 a.m. Before bedtime children tie one end of a …

Where is roller skating most popular?

10 Best Places To Inline Skate

  • #1 New York City – NYC is an iconic skating city. …
  • #2 San Francisco – The famous Golden Gate Bridge is the backdrop for one of the best skating areas in the country.
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What do Venezuelans do for Christmas?

The main celebration takes place on Christmas Eve, “Noche Buena” as it is called in Spanish. Families get together to enjoy the traditional holiday meal: “hallacas,” “pan de jamón,” “dulce de lechoza.” The pan de “jamón” is a long bread filled with cooked ham and raisins.

Is there a Santa in Venezuela?

Baby Jesus plays the role of Santa Claus in Venezuela, bringing gifts for children on Christmas Eve. On January 6, some Venezuelans celebrate Three Kings Day (Epiphany), known as El Dia de Los Tres Reyes Magos. … They leave straw next to their beds to resemble a stable hoping the wise men will bring gifts.

Does Venezuela believe in Santa?

Traditionally, Venezuelans erect a nativity scene, but Christmas trees also are very common. … In stark contrast to a Catholic Christmas celebration in the United States, Venezuelan children believe Jesus, not Santa Claus, brings gifts.