How do you say boyfriend in Chile?

Pololo / Polola – Boyfriend or Girlfriend.

How do you say dude in Chilean?

The most used slang word in the entirity of Chile is ‘weón‘. This can be used to call someone dude, mate, fool, idiot, jerk, or even more offensive terms! The only way to really understand the meaning is to listen to the context in which it is said.

How do you say friend in Chile?

gancho: This word means “hook” in Spanish, but it is used in Chile as “friend” or “buddy.”

What is guata Chile?

Guata – Belly or tummy. Harto – The same as “caleta,” meaning a lot of something.

What is a Guagua in Chile?

Bebé → Guagua

Some people say that we use the word guagua in Chile for “baby”, because it means “baby” in the Mapuche language, mapundungun. … You will hear both the words bebé and guagua in Chile, but most likely you’ll hear guagua used more often in informal speech.

How do you say beautiful in Chile?

Formal way: Eres muy hermoza.

What is a popular phrase in Chile?

Wéon (spelt huevón)

This is probably the most commonly used word in the Chilean language. It can be intended as a rude term, especially if used with strangers, but it can be used among mates and be a term of endearment. Wena on its own can mean “ok,” “good,” or “hi.”

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How do Chileans greet each other?

The ‘abrazo’ is the most common greeting among friends and family. This consists of a handshake and a hug. Among family and friends they are not so close to, they will simply give a kiss on the right cheek.

How do you say goodbye in Chile?

In Chile, chao is the standard farewell. In Spain, where “adios” (with a religious etymology as “goodbye”, the same as Italian “addio” and French “à Dieu”, meaning “to God” in English) is the common expression, people can use chao as an original way of saying goodbye.

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