How hot does it get in Paraguay?

Paraguay has an agreeable climate with not too many extremes—summer from October through March, and winter from May until August. The coldest month is July, with average temperatures of about 17°C (62°F), while January, the warmest month, sees temperatures typically close to 30°C (83°F).

How cold does it get in Paraguay?

Paraguay’s winter months, May through September, are cooler, but the weather tends to change frequently. Winter temperatures typically range between about 42 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit, with July usually the coldest month of the year.

What is the weather in Paraguay year round?

In Paraguay, the climate is subtropical, with very mild winters from mid-May to mid-August (which are dry in the north-west and rainy in the south-east) and long and very hot summers from November to March, with possible showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon throughout the country.

What is the average summer temperature in Paraguay?

Summer, from December to March, has high monthly temperatures between 30 degrees Celsius (86° Fahrenheit) and 33 degrees Celsius (91° Fahrenheit). In some other in the north it can reach 38 degrees Celsius (100° Fahrenheit). Winters are temperate and dry with average temperatures between 13°C (55° F) and 21°C (69° F).

Is Paraguay a rich or poor country?

Paraguay is a rich country, but full of poor people,” says Eladio Flecha, general secretary of the Partido Paraguay Pyahura. “The distribution of wealth is very unequal: 80 percent of land is held by 2.5 percent of the population, and 161 people control 90 percent of the wealth of our country.

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Is Paraguay hot or cold?

Paraguay is intensely hot from November to March, averaging 95°F (35°C), with daily temperatures ranging between 77°F to 109°F (25°C to 43°C). It is coolest from April to September, though the average high in July, the coldest month, is 71°F (22°C).

What clothes to wear in Paraguay?

Women usually wear a simple dress or a skirt and blouse. Women also wear wool shawls called rebozos in the colder months. Men usually wear loose pants called bomachas, a shirt or jacket, a neck scarf and a poncho.

In what months is summer in Paraguay?

Visiting Paraguay in September, October, and November

Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Paraguay’s seasons are reversed from that of the Northern hemisphere. Summer is from December through February and winter from June through August.