How many people use social media in Ecuador?

There were 14.00 million social media users in Ecuador in January 2021. The number of social media users in Ecuador increased by 2.0 million (+17%) between 2020 and 2021. The number of social media users in Ecuador was equivalent to 78.8% of the total population in January 2021.

What social media does Ecuador use?

In 2020, Facebook concentrated 54.82 percent of social media site visits in Ecuador, followed by YouTube with 19.17 percent and Pinterest with 12.05 percent. Overall, the number of Facebook users in Ecuador has been increasing over recent years.

What is the most popular social media in Ecuador?

Most popular social networks based on share of users in Ecuador in 2018

Characteristic Share of respondents
WhatsApp 71%
Facebook 69%
YouTube 39%
Instagram 26%

How many Facebook users are in Ecuador?

With about 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world.

Facebook Users By Country 2021.

Country Facebook Users (2019) 2021 Population
Venezuela 13,000,000 28,704,954
Nepal 10,419,000 29,674,920
Ecuador 10,000,000 17,888,475
Netherlands 9,800,000 17,173,099

Which country has most Tiktok users?

Indonesia had the second largest user base during this period, with over 22 million monthly active users. Russia and Japan followed, with 16.4 million and 12.6 million monthly active users, respectively.

Number of TikTok users in selected countries in 2020 (in millions)

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Characteristic Number of users in millions

Which country uses Google the most?

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Share of desktop search traffic originating from Google in selected countries as of April 2021.

Characteristic Share of search traffic
France 83.48%
United States 82.95%
Japan 75.71%
Russia 48.78%