Is the population denser in South America or Central America?

Country People per km2 (2016)
Falkland Islands 0.3

What is the most densely populated country in Americas?

In 2018, Barbados was the most dense country in Latin America and the Caribbean, with approximately 667 people per square kilometer.

Characteristic Inhabitants per square kilometer
Barbados 666.61
Haiti 403.6
Puerto Rico 360.22
Grenada 327.81

Is South America densely populated?

The continent covers a total area of 6.89 million square miles and has a population of more than 410 million people. The average population density in South America is 56 persons per square mile.

South American Countries by Population Density.

Rank 5
Country / Territory Peru
Area (km²) 1,285,216
Density (persons/km²). 22.8

How does the population density vary throughout South America?

South America population is equivalent to 5.53% of the total world population. South America ranks number 1 in Latin America and the Caribbean among subregions ranked by Population. The population density in South America is 25 per Km2 (64 people per mi2). 85.5 % of the population is urban (368,408,682 people in 2019).

What is the richest country in Central America?

Politically, Costa Rica is the most stable country in Central America. El Salvador: According to the World Bank, El Salvador is the fourth-largest economy in the region, and has a GDP PPP of $50,903 million.

Currency by country.

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Countries Official Currency
Panama Balboa / US dollar

What is the least popular country in Central America?

Belize is the only Central American nations with a population less than 1 million. Belize also is the least densely populated nation in the region. The largest metro area is Guatemala City, which had a population of 5.7 million at the time of the 2010 census.

What is the most densely populated place in North America?

Guttenberg, New Jersey, is the most densely populated incorporated place in the United States. Seen in this image are the Galaxy Towers, which are just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. The Galaxy Towers contain 1,075 apartments.

What is the most popular country in South America?

The top 5 most populous countries in South America are:

  • Brazil: 201 million.
  • Colombia: 47 million.
  • Argentina: 41 million.
  • Peru: 31 million.
  • Venezuela: 30 million.

What are the 3 least populated countries in South America?

The 5 Least Populated Countries Of South America

Rank Country Population, 2016 (World Bank data)
1 Suriname 558,370
2 Guyana 773,300
3 Uruguay 3,444,010
4 Paraguay 6,725,310