Question: Where are there mountains in Brazil?

Brazil’s two highest mountains are located in the north, more precisely in the state of Amazonas on the border between Brazil and Venezuela. Both mountains are located in the Serra do Imeri (plateau of Guyana) and are only 2,253 feet (687 meters) apart.

Where are mountains located in Brazil?

Mountains in Brazil

Mountain Metres Notes
Monte Caburaí 1,465 – is the northernmost point of Brazil
Pico do Monte Negro 1,398 Highest in Rio Grande do Sul
Pico São Sebastião 1,378 Ilhabela island – Highest island peak in Brazil
Pico do Papagaio 1,200 Highest in Pernambuco

Does it snow anywhere in Brazil?

Though snow blizzards and freezing temperatures aren’t common in Brazil, when it does occur it is usually during the months of June, July and August. The last time snow engulfed parts of the country in the same way, it was in 1957.

What are the main rivers in Brazil?

Brazil is drained by the Amazon River, which is the centrepiece of the most extensive river system in the world, and by other systems that are notable in their own right—the Tocantins-Araguaia in the north, the Paraguay-Paraná-Plata in the south, and the São Francisco in the east and northeast.

What are the main industries in Brazil?

Industry. Brazil has advanced industries in the fields of petroleum processing, automotive, cement, iron and steel production, chemical production, and aerospace.

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In which area does it rain more in Brazil?

Brazil’s most intense rain falls around the mouth of the Amazon near the city of Belém, and also in the upper regions of Amazonia where more than 2,000 millimetres (79 in) of rain fall every year.

What is Brazil’s climate?

Brazil has a tropical climate and pocket of arid climate (the Caatinga). Source: Met Office. Page 4. Rio de Janeiro: – Has a tropical savannah climate. – The average minimum temperature is 21 degrees Celsius and the average maximum is 27 degrees Celsius.