What are the most popular names in Brazil?

Male Female
1 Miguel 1 Helena
2 Arthur 2 Alice
3 Heitor 3 Laura
4 Theo 4 Valentina

What is the most common name in Brazil?

Maria is the most common name in Brazil, with nearly 6% of all Brazilian inhabitants. IBGE separately accounted different written forms like Ana and Anna, or Luiz and Luis, but they did not consider diacritic variations of the names, therefore Luís was counted as the name Luis.

What are common Brazilian last names?


Rank Surname #
1 Silva 20,882,120
2 Santos 13,433,982
3 Sousa 9,810,832
4 Oliveira 6,209,493

What is a Brazilian last name?

Typically, a native Brazilian has two surnames, or sometimes three. Brazilian last names consist of both the mother and the father’s last names. When a woman marries, she often takes her spouse’s last name as well.

What was Brazil’s first name?

This runs contry to the fact that the first name Brazil was given was Ilha de Vera Cruz (Island of the True Cross), later Terra de Santa Cruz (Land of the Holy Cross) and only later Brazil.

What are some African girl names?

Top African girl names

  • Abeba. This name is a palindrome, this means it forms the same name when spelled forward or backward. …
  • Aberash. This unusual Eastern African name means ”giving off light” or ”shining”
  • Ada. …
  • Amara. …
  • Chidinma. …
  • Hadiza. …
  • Hibo. …
  • Imani.
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What is the most common last name in Peru?

The most common type of family name in Peru is the patronymic surname. Alvarez, Fernandez, Garcia, Chávez, Díaz, and Gonzales(z) are examples of common surnames. Because of immigration to Peru, there are also many surnames of other nationalities.