Best answer: What is taboo Ecuador?

Taboos. Finally, living in Ecuador means you have to think about what is the taboo in this country. For instance, yawning is considered to be rude so try not to do it in public – especially when you are talking to a local. Fidgeting is also considered impolite – both for the hands and feet.

What is considered rude in Ecuador?

Body Language

Fidgeting with hands and feet is distracting and considered impolite. Holding out a hand, as though to shake hands, and twisting it back and forth means “no.” It is impolite to point at someone. Ecuadorians may point by puckering or pursing their lips.

How is Ecuador different than the US?

Ecuador and the United States have some very significant cultural differences. One important difference is the people. Ecuador is a homogeneous society of one culture and a few minorities. … By comparison, Americans rely less on public transportation and prefer instead to drive their own cars to ride in carpools.

Are Ecuadorians rude?

Ecuadorians are known for being warm and polite. They can be quite tactile and tend to stand much closer to each other when speaking than in many other cultures. … Ecuadorians are indirect communicators who speak diplomatically and with courtesy. They view blunt communication as extremely rude.

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What are some Ecuadorian beliefs?

Religious Beliefs In Ecuador

Rank Belief System Share of Population in Ecuador
1 Roman Catholic Christianity 79%
2 Protestant Christianity 11%
3 Atheism or Agnosticism 7%
4 Jehovah’s Witness Christianity 1%

Do and don’ts in Ecuador?


  • Early bird catches the worm;
  • Don’t let travel fun be overshadowed by continuous fear;
  • Know the way back to your hotel;
  • Unload pictures from camera to laptop or cyberspace daily;
  • Minimal 3 batteries and charge all daily:

Is Ecuador a US ally?

In 1839 the United States and Ecuador signed a Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Navigation, and Commerce. Over the past nearly 200 years, the U.S.-Ecuador relationship has expanded in significant ways. The United States is Ecuador’s largest trading partner and its top partner in higher education.

What are 5 interesting facts about Ecuador?

Ecuador Facts: 10 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know

  • Ecuador means “equator” in Spanish. …
  • Yasuni Park is one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet. …
  • The Galapagos Islands inspired the Theory of Evolution. …
  • Chocolate has a long history in Ecuador. …
  • Ecuador is where to find orchid flowers.

How does the Ecuador flag look like?

Ecuador’s Flag. Ecuador’s flag consists of three horizontal stripes of yellow, blue, and red, with Ecuador’s coat of arms in the center. The Ecuadorian flag consists of three horizontal stripes and a coat of arms in the center. … The flag is very similar to Colombia’s, differentiated only by the coat of arms.

How can I be polite in Ecuador?

A little politeness goes a long way in Ecuador, by nature a conservative and generally good-mannered country. An exchange of greetings is de rigueur before conversation, no matter how short or banal the subject; say buenos días before noon, buenas tardes in the afternoon, and buenas noches after nightfall.

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What do Ecuadorians eat for breakfast?

Breakfast — The typical breakfast in Ecuador is quite simple, usually anchored by scrambled eggs and potatoes or rice. Pancakes are often an option, though they might be oilier and crispier than the pancakes you’re used to. Breakfast is often served with fruit, toast, corn tortillas, and coffee.