Frequent question: Is the water warm in Ecuador?

Sea water temperature throughout Ecuador warms above 20°C and it is enough for a comfortable bath. The warmest sea temperature in Ecuador today is 26.7°C (in Valdez), and the coldest water temperature is 22.4°C (Anconcito).

Is the ocean water warm in Ecuador?

Map of current Ecuador

Montanita sea water temperatures peak in the range 24 to 29°C (75 to 84°F) on around the 4th of March and are at their lowest on about the 4th of September, in the range 19 to 24°C (66 to 75°F). Year round warm sea water temperatures at Montanita climb to their warmest in early March.

Can you swim in the ocean in Ecuador?

“Ecuador is an undiscovered surf paradise. It has about 50 surf spots and the warm water, which means you can surf without a wetsuit year round. … Predominant surfing beaches include Montañita, quite likely the surf capitol of Ecuador, as well as neighboring Olón and the peninsular beach town of Punta Carnero.

Where is the warmest water in the world?

Answer: The hottest ocean area is in the Persian Gulf, where water temperatures at the surface exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Another hot area exists in the Red Sea, where a temperature of 132.8 degrees Fahrenheit has been recorded at a depth of about 6,500 feet.

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Is it safe to swim in Ecuador?

Yes, you can swim safely in Ecuador’s ocean waters, but you must choose your swimming spot carefully. Many of the tours to the Galapagos and surfing in Montanita involve swimming, and your guide can pick out the right place for you to swim.

What is the best month to go to Ecuador?

The coast has the most clearly defined wet and dry seasons, and the best time to visit is from December to April, when frequent showers alternate with clear blue skies and temperatures stay high. From May to November it’s often overcast and relatively cool, especially in the south, with less chance of rainfall.

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Where is the bluest water in the world?

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