What liquor is made in Colombia?

Guaro—the colloquial name for aguardiente—is Colombia’s national spirit, distinct with its soft notes of anise layered over tropical fruit, and a perceivable sweetness.

Is tequila made in Colombia?

Tequila is an alcoholic drink made in the arid highlands of central Mexico, from fermented and distilled sap of the agave (also called a maguey), an indigenous plant (a succulent, not a cactus).

What is the best Colombian rum?

Colombian Rum

  • Ron Medellin Rum Grand Reserva 12 Year. $23.99 – $42.99. …
  • Dictador 20 year Rum. $29.99 – $92.99. …
  • Ron Medellin Rum Extra Anejo 8 Year. $19.79 – $54.99. …
  • Ron Viejo De Caldas Rum 8 Years. $12.99 – $45.00. …
  • Dictador 12 Year Rum. …
  • La Hechicera Solera 21 Year. …
  • Antigua Porteno Colombian Rum Solera 15 Year. …
  • Parce Rum 12 Year.

Is Colombia known for rum?

And anyone who loves the spirit of the Caribbean coast loves its favorite spirit – rum. … Colombia is now home to a host of award-winning rums taking the world by storm.

What beer do Colombians drink?

Beer. As is the case in most tropical countries, light beer is a popular choice to cool down. The most common brands are national ones like Aguila, Club Colombia, Costeña, and Pilsen.

Is aguardiente a tequila?

Aguardiente is Colombia’s national liquor. But unlike rum in Cuba, whiskey in Scotland, or tequila in Mexico, nobody seems to care much about what brand of aguardiente they drink.

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Who owns Colombian white liquor?

Proof66 Notes

Colombian White is a brand founded in Miami by Juan Saldarriga, Mike Oviedo, and Hernst Bellevue, who sought to bring Colombia’s native spirit to the United States. Aguardiente is traditionally made from a base of sugar cane and is similar to rum.

Is aguardiente a rum?

Colombia’s national alcoholic beverage is Aguardiente. To them, it is an anise-flavored liqueur made with highly rectified rum. Antioqueño is the best selling Aguardiente in Colombia and in the world for that matter. A sugarcane-based product popular in many South American countries.