What should I wear to Bogota Colombia?

Bogota – Think slightly conservative and sophisticated clothing (if you want to fit in, maybe you don’t though!), essentials include sunglasses for during the day, a pair of jeans or dark pants, a printed scarf and a light coat and jacket, dress up not down!

How do you dress like a Colombian?

How to Dress like a Colombian Woman (Bogota)

  1. 1) Sweater or Blouse – Colombian women have a clean, tailored look. …
  2. 2) Scarf – You never know if its going to be chilly in Bogota. …
  3. 3) Jacket – Women in Bogota usually wear jackets that are warmer than necessary. …
  4. 4) TIGHT, Black Pants – These pants are critical.

How do men dress in Bogota Colombia?

Men should always wear long pants and closed toed shoes in Colombia. Cartagena actually has more than a few restaurants with dress codes disallowing any shorts or flip flops for men or women. For men, a suggestion is to purchase a guayabera shirt (a traditional Carribbean style tailored shirt) for the hotter cities.

Is Bogota hot or cold?

And yes, Colombia is near the equator. However, Bogota is a high altitude city. At around 2,600 meters (8,360 feet) above sea level, it can get quite chilly. Nighttime temperatures can go down into the mid-’40s (that’s a chilly 7 degrees Celsius), and indoor heating is rare.

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Do people wear shorts in Medellin?

Shorts, tank tops and flip flops are generally a no-go.

Whilst perfect for the beach at Cartagena, here in Medellin they are generally frowned upon.

Can I wear jewelry in Colombia?


That’s why it is essential to stay safe in South America while traveling. … Still, when you use your common sense, travel with someone, follow mostly the backpacker’s trail, don’t wear shiny jewelry, and don’t walk lightheaded after dark, you should be fine.

Can you wear shorts in Colombia?

You can wear flip flops and shorts if you want, it is just that in general Colombians do not wear them, and especially not when trying to eat in upmarket restaurants as you often see backpackers doing in Medellin. During the day you will see a bit of a mix in Medellin as it is warmer.

Where do the rich live in Colombia?

Economy and culture. Rosales is a wealthy neighborhood of Bogotá, Colombia. The neighborhood is known for brick high rises which are from found Carrera Séptima (7th Avenue) to Avenida Circunvalar.

Does it ever get hot in Bogota?

Bogota, the largest city and capital, is situated in the Eastern Andes region and the weather is generally spring-like. Although sunny days can still get quite hot, there are many cool days and nights. The average high temperature throughout the year hovers around 20°C (68°F).

Is it always cold in Bogota?

Another aspect is that Bogotá is never too cold or too hot. The average temperature is between 14ºC to 20ºC, depending on the time of the year – and, at night, when the weather is colder, temperatures rarely go below 10ºC.

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