Where does the Amazon River start and end?

What city does the Amazon river End?

The Amazon River, which has its beginnings in the South American country of Peru, ends by pouring into the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil, near the city of Macapa. This river is about 4,000 miles long.

Where does the Amazon river begin?

Where does the Amazon river flow threw?

2. The Amazon River System meanders through nine South America countries. After starting its seemingly slow and subtle voyage in the highlands of Peru, the Amazon River traverses through Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela before entering Brazil and flowing out of its Atlantic coast.

Can you swim in the Amazon river?

Swimming in the big rivers (Amazon, Marañon, Ucayali) is generally not a good idea due to strong currents more so than parasites. Swimming in the smaller tributaries, especially black water tributaries and lakes is safe, but don’t swallow the water.

Why is Amazon named Amazon?

“Amazon” wasn’t the company’s original name.

Jeff Bezos originally wanted to give the company the magical sounding name “Cadabra.” … He finally chose “Amazon” because he liked that the company would be named after the largest river in the world, hence the company’s original logo.

Is the Amazon River the longest river in the world?

The Amazon River, not the Nile, is the longest in the world, a team of Brazilian scientists claims. According to the team’s results, which have not been published, the Amazon is 4,225 miles (6,800 kilometers) long. … The Nile stretches 4,160 miles (6,695 kilometers).

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