Which port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast has an old town with walls around it?

The colonial city of Cartagena, on the north Caribbean coast of Colombia, is packed with history. Today, the old walled city remains (alongside the skyscraper-filled Bocagrande), as does the ancient fortresses, including the Spanish-built Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas.

Is it safe to walk around Cartagena?

Should visitors to Cartagena worry about violent crime? The short answer is no. In fact, violent crime against tourists is nearly nonexistent in Colombia, making it easier and safer than ever to explore Cartagena and beyond.

Is Colombia in the EU?

Colombia is part of the EU-Colombia/Ecuador/ Peru Trade Agreement, provisionally applied since 2013. It has brought important benefits for both sides, including for example for the agricultural sector in Colombia , contributing to rural development which is crucial in the post-conflict context.

How safe is Cartagena Colombia?

Cartagena today is actually pretty safe – in fact, it’s one of the safer places in Colombia. There’s plenty of police officers on the street and the city is seeing improvements to the crime rate and general security. Most tourists who visit Cartagena have a trouble-free time.

What is the best beach in Cartagena Colombia?

Top 5 best beaches in Cartagena

  1. Punta Arena in Tierra Bomba. Punta Arena beach is located on Tierra Bomba island, which is right in front of the beaches of Castillogrande. …
  2. Playa Blanca in Baru. …
  3. Castillogrande Beach. …
  4. La Boquilla Beach. …
  5. Manzanillo del Mar Beach.
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What is the old city Cartagena?

The walled city within Cartagena includes amazingly well preserved 16th-century plazas, colonial-era mansions, churches, and ornate balconies, as well as cafes, museums, and shops. The Old Town (districts of El Centro and San Diego) is best explored by walking.