Dutch Reformed Church, Kerkplein

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Kerkplein Hervormde Kerk

The first building to be erected in this square, which then was called Oranjetuin (Orange garden), had the function of church for the Dutch Reformed and the Lutherans
but also that of Town Hall and Court of Police. It was not long before it was judged to small and from 1743 onwards the government services left the building. timeskin Hervormde kerkEven then, the Lutherans founded their own church around 1745.   Schets met oude koepelkerk       

 Time lapse

The old domed church dating from 1810   

In 1810 construction of a domed church, based on an octagonal was started, but it was lost in the big fire of 1821. It was only in 1833 that the decision was taken to build today’s church, which is clearly inspired by the octagonal domed church. Prince Willem Frederik Hendrik was present on the 5th of July 1835 at the inauguration of the church, which was finished in 1837.

A history of the Dutch Reformed Church in Suriname (in Dutch).  

Kerkplein Hervormde Kerk kantelramen (2007)

Kerkplein Hervomde Kerk stoep (2007)

The church is built on a brick substructure which protrudes more that 1,5 meter outward, creating a skirt which is covered with slabs. The long façades have a mid section which protrudes a little bit and is crowned with a pediment, making one expect the entrance there rather than at the short ends. On top of the slate roof there are two small ventilation towers. Characteristic of the church are the large tilting windows which are opened during services.

The interior features two rows of four Ionic pillars and a wooden barrel vault above the central aisle. Two magnificent artefacts made in mahogany embellish the interior: an organ from 1844 and a pulpit that is slightly older.

Kerkplein Hervomde Kerk orgel (2007)       Kerkplein Hervomde Kerk preekstoel (2007)

The church has a number of graves that lay mainly at the west end around the pulpit. When the square was still called Oranjetuin (Orange garden) it was a cemetery for the well-to-do.

Kerkplein Hervomde Kerk graven (2007)     Kerkplein Hervomde Kerk graven 2 (2007)


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